The Vision


Meet the other designers around the world who are working to advance the Kingdom, feel encouraged if you feel alone in what you do


Talk about the rebrand your organization is doing, talk about how to handle situations that come up in work, discuss articles shared


Build your skills, build others' skills

Things to Know


Be Christ-like

It’s a high call and we won’t ever achieve it, which is why part of being Christ-like is giving grace. When it comes to theology, Kingdom Builders puts it this way: "It is okay to have Theological debates and disagreements, but so long as we are united in our desire to meet unmet needs in the name of our Creator, let’s “think and let think” on the finer points as best we can."

You do not need to be a practicing Christian to join, but this is a Christian community, and many projects and conversations will include evangelism, Bible study, or other overtly Christian content.


Slack is a modern communication tool with support for multiple streams of conversation in different channels, private messaging, file sharing, and more.

It is free, which means it comes with some limitations. If you see something especially exciting, save it somewhere else because after 1,000 messages or so, things start to drop off


Channel Description
#design-critique Share what you’re working on! Give and receive feedback.
Recognize that you don’t have the whole picture, suggestions may be taken, others may be rejected.
#development This is a channel to talk about development.
If you’re interested in a more nuanced conversation, please check out Kingdom Builders!
#hangout General space to get to know one another and chat about whatever
#inspiration If you found a cool thing, we’d love to see it.
#jobs Sometimes God calls us to new places, and it helps if we know where new things are opening up
#prayer-request This community is more than the work - let’s pray for one another
#read-this Share things you found or share your own blogs and articles
#sad-design There's sad and funny things out there - let's have a chuckle on it. No shaming on other designers though; we're all learning.